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Historical Background

Historical and Educational Background of Rt.Rev.Prof.Bishop Daniel W.Kasomo

Bishop Kasomo Daniel was ordained Deacon on 10th May 1991 in St Thomas Aquinas major Seminary in Nairobi, Kenya, by Bishop Raphael S. Ndingi Mwanaa Nzeki, Bishop of Nakuru today Archbishop Emeritus of Archdiocese of Nairobi, Kenya. He was ordained a Priest by Bishop Urbanus J Kioko on 5th September 1992 in Mbiuni Catholic Parish in the Catholic Diocese of Machakos in Kenya.He was ordained a Bishop, a true Successor of the Apostles, on 24th June 2009 in Nairobi, Kenya at Sasa Moto Conference Centre by Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo. Archbishop Milingo is the Metropolitan Archbishop Emeritus of Lusaka, Zambia. By virtue of his ordination as a Bishop, Bishop Kasomo is incardinated in The Society of St.Peter and Paul Inc.

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Ordination to Deaconate by            Ordination to Priesthood by                Ordination  to Episcopate by

Bishop R.S. Ndingi  on 10-5-1991   Bishop U.J.Kioko on 5-9-1992                Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo on 



 Bishop Kasomo Daniel was born  in Mbiuni/Mwala Kwandoo Village to Catholic Parents Francis Kasomo (RIP) and Paulina Wavinya (RIP). He is the fourth born of a family of Six Men. .He loved to be a priest since 1969.

 Primary Education

 He was educated in Kwandoo Holy Ghost Mission Primary (HGM) School in Mwala Machakos Kenya. He entered standard One in 1969 and due to problem of school fees he was in and out of school several times. However he managed to complete standard seven in 1978.During his life as a primary school pupil he was a perfect from Standard four till he completed primary education. The whole of 1979 he was out of school due to fees problems again. Bishop Kasomo comes from a poor family. He used to attend mass at Mwala Catholic Mission where Fr.John Mahon nominated him as a mass Server in 1974.

 Secondary Education

 Through the assistance of Fr. Justin Kilonzo in Mwala in 1979 and assistance of Seminarian Stephen Mukonza Kathukya he attended an interview for recruitment of form ones in Pope Paul VI Minor Seminary and he passed the interview among other 40 students out of 140 competitors. This was a step towards fulfilment of his childhood dream of one day to be a Roman Catholic Priest. He attended Pope Paul VI Minor Seminary in Machakos in 1980 to 1983 and St. Paul minor Seminary in Nyeri Kenya. He was a school Prefect in the Minor Seminary.

 Senior Seminary

 He did his Philosophy in St Augustine’s Senior Seminary Mabanga Bungoma in Kenya 1984-1987 and Theology in St Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary in Nairobi Kenya in 1987-1989.He went for pastoral year in 1989-1990 during which he did pastoral work in Masinga parish in Machakos Catholic Diocese and taught at Masinga Girls Secondary School. It is a school sponsored by Catholic Church. After pastoral year in 1991 he returned to St Thomas Aquinas Seminary to complete his Theological studies. He was ordained to Deaconate in the Seminary in late 1991. He got his Bachelors in Theology from Urbanian University in Rome in 1991. He was posted in Tala in 1991 December as a deacon where he served till July 1992.In 1992 August he served as a Deacon in Machakos cathedral awaiting his ordination to Priesthood.

 Ordination to Priesthood and pastoral work

 He was ordained a priest of Catholic Diocese of Machakos on 5th September 1992 in his home Parish Mbiuni near Kabaa. After Ordination to Priesthood he was posted as a Curate in Matiliku Parish and after one year He was appointed as Parish Priest of Matiliku where he accomplished many projects on Schools, Dispensaries, Help the Aged, help the disabled, Church constructions, evangelisation and Spiritual development of the area.

 Further Studies

 In 1997 he was transferred to Tawa Parish where He worked as a Parish Priest and from there in August 1997 he went for further studies in Catholic University of Eastern Africa. He did his Masters in Religious Studies from (1997-2000) and Doctorate in Religious studies (2000-2003) in the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.