Society of St. Peter and Paul Seminary

University Lecturer

University Lecturer   2000-todate


After graduating with Masters Degree (October 2000) He was seconded to teach in the Catholic University of Eastern Africa and he was appointed Head of Department of Religious Studies in the same University. In the Religious Studies Department he revised the B.A, M.A, and PhD Programmes to make it more customer friendly.


Adjunct Lecturer

As he was lecturing in Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Nairobi, he was also teaching St. Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary as an adjunct lecturer, Chemi-Chemi Institute and Marist International college.

 Pastoral work

In 2004 he combined teaching in the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Nairobi and pastoral work as a parish priest in Katheka sub-Parish in Masii in the Catholic Diocese of Machakos. He prepared the sub-Parish to be opened as a parish. Katheka was opened as a parish on 1st January 2005.

 Parish Priest in Mitaboni Catholic Mission

In January 10th 2005 he was appointed Parish Priest of Mitaboni Catholic Parish. He served as a parish priest till September 10th 2005 when the hour came for him to hand over the parish administration and proceeded to Egerton university as a guidance and counselling officer.

 Egerton University

In August 2005 he was employed in Egerton University as Guidance and Counselling Officer and handed over Mitaboni Parish on 10th September 2005. In October 2005 he was deployed to Laikipia University College of Egerton University to open Guidance and Counselling office an office he held till October 2007.As a guidance and Counselling officer he was teaching and supervising Masters Students on Guidance and Counselling Projects in the Department of Counselling and Educational Psychology in Lakipia Campus.

 Dean of Students

In October 2007 he was transferred to Nakuru Town Campus of Egerton University as Dean of Students an office he held till Feb. 2009. In February 2009 he was offered a job of Teaching in Maseno University in the Department of Religion, Theology and Philosophy as a Senior Lecturer,a position higher than what he held in Egerton University, a position he holds to date. He resigned from being Dean of Students in Egerton University Nakuru Town Campus to take up the new post in Maseno University as a senior Lecturer.

 Committed to Priesthood

During all this time as a University lecturer and Counsellor he has never ever thought of Leaving Christ and Christ never left him!! He was very faithful to daily masses in private and some times when need be in public and in families that requested his services. He was engaged in counselling: pastoral counselling, academic counselling, moral counselling and social counselling in Egerton University for students and Staff.