Society of St. Peter and Paul Seminary

Application Procedure

Since many people do not like forms, all applicants can furnish the information in their own words. It is suggested that you print this page as a guide, because the listed items are required. If you want to speed the process, you can email your materials to Bishop Kasomo Daniel and use the payment button on the "Donations" Page for your application fee of $20. It will be nun refundable Regardless of ability to serve you or not able to serve you. We recommend that you read SSPP Seminary admissions Criteria thoroughly before you apply.

1.    Full name.
2.    Address.
3.    Email.
4.    Phone number.
5.    Religious Denomination.
6.    Marital Status.
7.    Diocese.
8.    Name of your Bishop.
9.    Attach your full colored Photo (Not Passport).
10.    Your profession/occupation.
11.    Type of degree(s) or other credential(s) you presently hold and name of institution(s).
12.    Name of degree for which you are applying or brief description of how we can help you.
13.    In your own words, describe your academic achievements and life experience.
14.    Explain how you plan to use your degree.
15.    Briefly describe your daily prayer life.
16.    Send your application as email attachment.
17.    Specify your first Language( Our programmes are offered in English)

NB: The entire degree programm is accomplished in the comfort of your own home. Seminarians are emailed their assignments one at a time. Upon completion of each assignment, the seminarian emails Archbishop Kasomo Daniel to receive the examination for that course. Then on to the next, and so on. Almost every textbook is available at discount from All during your studies, you are in constant contact with your formator. Remember, this is not an ordinary distance-learning program. It is based on close personal interaction whereby the seminarian and the formator get to know each other very well.