Society of St. Peter and Paul Seminary


2. Overseas Donations.
altDonations in foreign currency are gratefully received, and there is no difficulty in cashing without charge cheques with small amounts. Cheques in foreign currency need to be made out to the Bishop for easy banking.
It is a good option for the person who may desire to donate anonymously. However, if you want us to know about your donation and to send some kind of acknowledgment, you will have to mail it directly to the bishop.
 3. Sponsor a seminarian.
altThe tuition cost $3,500 per academic year. This is very low and only covers a fraction of the cost bearing in mind that we are busy putting structures in place. Nevertheless, it would be a great help if a person or chapel would agree to pay the tuition of a seminarian unable to pay for himself. It would make it possible for the Seminary to keep up its function of forming truly Catholic priests for the future. If you would like to adopt a poor seminarian, the Rector would be happy to chose one.
Donate by Mail
To donate by mail, please send check or money order to the above address.

Thank you for your interest in the Bishop's Annual Appeal for SSPP Catholic Ministries. Your gift is a profound way of giving thanks to God for your blessings. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Rt.Rev.Bishop Kasomo Daniel: The Prelate of The Roman Catholic Society of St.Peter and Paul