Society of St. Peter and Paul Seminary

Other Requirements

Application requirements:
alt1. A secular position. Our Society is non-stipend. You need evidence of a secular position or other resources that can support you and your ministry. Our deacons and priests are not salaried.

2. College graduation. You will need to have completed college and have sufficient training in philosophy and theology, or its equivalent.
 alt3. Your letter of application. Tell the reasons why you should be ordained?
4. A letter of approval from your Family indicating agreement to your ordination.

5. Three letters of recommendation. These should be from priests or professional persons who know you and can recommend specifically that you be ordained to the priesthood.

6. These are to be sent directly to the Archbishop or VD.

7. An essay-statement of ministerial self understanding.
How do you know you are called to the priesthood? What is your vision of the priesthood? How are you going to carry out your ministry? Anything else you feel would support your candidacy for ordination.

8. A copy of your birth certificate and your baptismal and confirmation records.
9. A recent picture of yourself (head and shoulders.)

10. A statement from your local police department/OR chief that you have a clean record.

11. A retreat to prepare for ordination.

12. An interview will be arranged as a final step in the application process.alt

Other requirements may be added from time to time in particular circumstances.  

All correspondence for applications for deacon or priest in our diocese will be sent to Archbishop Kasomo Daniel and Vocations Director. Bishops wishing to be incardinated in the Society of St. Peter and Paul can contact the Presiding bishop directly. We are more concerned with the priests we ordain. Any other Priest has his own local ordinary. We will need to know and liaise with other local ordinaries why you seek ex-cardination. For Ex-seminarians we will need confidential information from the seminaries you have attended and the parishes and Dioceses you have worked. The certificates will also be scrutinized for authenticity.

Remember this that you after you are Ordained, you are a Priest forever, no matter if you leave the Priesthood you are always a Priest, and shall stand before God as a Priest even if you die and have left the active Priesthood, you are still a Priest forever unto heaven.Amen.alt

Ordination to Priesthood video:

Therefore, ALL persons presenting themselves as Candidates for the Clergy within SSPP shall be required to fill out SSPP forms and papers, be fingerprinted, provide the file with 2 recent FULL photographs, and submit to a investigation of their past. This is done for the protection of the SSPP and its Clergy.

If you will not do the above said, then this is the wrong jurisdiction for you.

God Bless

The Roman Catholic Society of St.Peter and Paul.