Society of St. Peter and Paul Seminary


SSPP Tuition and Fees

 SSPP Tuition and Fees

SSPP offers quality Church degrees and certificates for low tuition and a minimum of fees to better serve our students. Students who do not wish to pay tuition in full have the opportunity to make monthly interest-free payments and will be given a Tuition Payment Agreement to declare their method of payment.   For example, students enrolled in a degree program may choose a one-year, two-year, or three-year plan, depending on how long it is expected to earn degree.

Specialized Certificate                        $600 + $ 45 Application Fee

Clergy Training Program                    $3,500 + $45 Application Fee

 Bachelors Degree                               $3,500 + $45 Application Fee

Masters Degree  in Religious Studies     $3,500  + $45 Application Fee

Masters in Theology                             $3,500 + $45 Application Fee

 Masters in Psychology                          $3,500 + $45 Application Fee

PhD Degree in Theology                       $3,500  + $45 Application Fee

Ph.D. Degree in Psychology                 $4,500* + $45 Application Fee 

 PhD in Philosophy                            $4,500  + $45 Application Fee

 Application and tuition payment for joint program is processed separately.  Total cost of tuition and education fees is subject to fluctuation in currency exchange rate. To determine exact amount, check current USD rate.

Application Fee - Every application for admission must be accompanied by the application fee.  

SSPP Interest-Free Payment Plan

SSPP SEMINARY offers quality ministry degrees and certificates for low tuition
and a monthly interest-free tuition payment plan to better serve our students:

                                             TUITION                        PAYMENT SCHEDULE

Specialized Program

   Certificate                           $650                Three Monthy Payments of $200 
   Undergraduate                   $3,500             Twelve Monthly Payments of $200

   Graduate                            $3,500              Twelve Monthly Payments of $200 etc

Degree Programs                                          1-year        2-Year         3-Year 

Bachelor                               $3,500                 $1000           $1250            $1250
Master                                 $3,500                $1000            $1250           $1250

Master Psychology           $3,500                 $1000            $1250           $1250

PhD in Philosophy             $3,500                $1000            $1250           $1250

PhD in Psychology            $4,500                $2,000            $1,500          $1,000

Payment of tuition for the Ph.D. is to be paid in two payments at the time the dissertation proposal is accepted.  However, it is possible to make a formal request to make three or four payments.  For example, if it takes two years (four semesters) to complete dissertation, student may request to submit a payment at the beginning of each semester.

• Tuition costs will be assessed monthly
• Each month, the student will pay installments on the outstanding tuition
   balance to the Seminary.
• Application fee is non-refundable.
• Textbooks are not included.
• Tuition is based on complete program rather than number of credits or courses.
. All fees must be paid before graduation.

For further information regarding tuition and fees, you may contact SSPP Seminary via email, telephone or postal service.

SSPP Seminary tuition policy is nonrefundable.

A student may terminate an enrollment at any time by notifying the SSPP Seminary (preferably in writing and appropriately signed).Once that is done the tuition becomes a donation to the SSPP Seminary. Under no circumstances is tuition whatsoever is refunded.