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Degrees in Psychology

Degree in Psychology

Psychology is the study of the relationship between mental processes and behavior or the science of behavior and mental processes.
Psychology helps to describe behavior and mental processes accurately. It helps to predict future behavior based on research. Psychology is used to explain behavior using theories and through psychology we can influence behavior in beneficial ways.
 The world is faced by disasters today, both natural and man-made or a combination of the two. Such situations expose people into a lot of physical and psychological suffering.  Challenges in normal life situations like relationships, mental disorders, bereavement and choosing career can affect anyone in the society. Psychologists are therefore needed to help people bounce back to their normal life functioning.

•    Colleges and Universities: Schools need to train more psychologists today since the society is embracing mental healthcare. Colleges and universities absorb a big population of qualified psychologists to take up jobs as lecturers and researchers in such institutions of higher learning.
•    Private corporations employ psychologists to support employees in the department of human resource.
•    Some humanitarian organizations provide psychosocial help to the population they serve and therefore need psychologists on board.
•    Schools and institutions of higher learning require psychologists to offer psychological support and career guidance to students.
•    Hospitals and mental health clinics absorb psychologists to help in diagnosing and treating clients who present with both psychological medical issues.
•    Governments are also realizing the need for psychological support and mental healthcare for employees. Psychologists employed by the government serve in different departments depending on the need.
•    Private practice:  A qualified psychologist licensed to practice can offer counseling services on issues affecting people in the society. The job market is changing rapidly and many people find themselves either looking for a job or changing their career, others going through traumatic experiences or challenges in relationships. All these require the help of a psychologist.

Globally, there is an increase in interpersonal as well as intra-personal challenges. Often, individuals find themselves unable to relate well with others. There are also times when individuals realize that they are not realizing their potential in different aspects of their life. This may be due to their inability to communicate well with others or inappropriate ways of dealing with challenges among other reasons.
SSPP Seminary requirements shall apply
The department of Psychology offers the following courses:
•    BA Psychology
•    BA Counseling Psychology
•    MA Counseling Psychology
•    PhD Counseling Psychology
These enables students to have
1.    Self understanding and awareness that positively enhances personal growth leading to well adjusted individual who are able to exploit their maximum potential .
2.    Improved interpersonal relationships.
3.    There is an increase in demand for graduates in Psychology and counseling in different work settings.
4.    We welcome any student interested in understanding themselves and others and interested in working with people to take courses in Psychology. You can read testimonials of two of our former students in this write up.
Student Destinations
Graduates in Psychology and Counseling are in great demand in different settings. For instance:
1.    They can work in industries, education, hospitals, police, army and sports and in the community. In addition, many professions demand some training in Psychology.
2.    Others are working as trainers in Institutions offering psychological and counselling education such as rehabilitation centres.
3.    Students are also able to pursue further education and specialize in different branches of Psychology such as Clinical Psychology; Organizational/Industrial Psychology Testing and Assessment and Health Psychology among others.