Society of St. Peter and Paul Seminary

SSPP Annual Appeal

 Bishop's Annual Appeal for SSPP Catholic Ministries

 The Bishop's Annual Appeal is dedicated to providing the financial support of SSPP Catholic Ministries, Catholic Education, Social Service Ministries, and the formation of Priests and Deacons of the SSPP.

Our SSPP is present for us, at all moments of our lives, committed to meeting all of our needs, whatever they may be.

The ability of the SSPP, our SSPP to meet these needs is directly related to your ability to support those ministries and programs that rely upon the Bishop’s Annual Appeal for SSPPP for essential operating support.

I now ask you, as your Bishop, recalling the words of Paul, to support, generously, SSPP Bishop’s Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries. In so doing, you will ensure the healing, teaching and redemptive presence of the Church, forever.

SSPP Annual Fund is a yearly appeal to our Seminary to give generously to support seminary. The goal of the Annual Fund is three pronged: tuition assistance, curriculum enrichment, and capital improvements. Our target is to raise $65,000 through this campaign.


The Annual Fund provides important resources to the SSPP, including offering tuition assistance, strengthening the curriculum, providing SSPP access to cutting edge technology, and supporting creative teaching methods and standards.


Every gift – no matter the size – will contribute to our ability to offer more and better opportunities to SSPP. Your donation is a vote of confidence and the catalyst for larger gifts and grants. It will also help ensure the financial security and continued success of the seminary. Additionally, securing funds through the Annual Fund Campaign allows us to minimize tuition increases.


We ask each family to give generously, to the best of their ability. Most importantly, we want your involvement in this crucial effort. We appreciate gifts from parents, grandparents, extended family members, and friends and all people of good will. You may participate in the Annual Fund through the gift of prayer.

St Joseph 1 10 most beautiful cathedrals in the world Dear Friends and Benefactors,
For few years now, Society of St. Peter and Paul Seminary has been forming true Catholic priests according to the constant teachings and traditions of the Church. These priests are currently serving the needs of Catholics all around the world, in many of the  countries where the Society of St. Peter and Paul is present.It has only been through the generosity of benefactors that the Seminary has been able to continue in existence over the past few years. Faithful like you have consistently shown their belief in and support of the formation that their priests are receiving by contributing generously to the many needs of the Seminary.We are aware of the sacrifices made by our benefactors to give the donations needed to contribute to the work done here. As such, we are careful not to squander your generous contributions.

As SSPP Seminary grows, however, its needs are increasing. We will be required to either embark on a multi-million dollar project of constructing an addition to the Seminary or move to another location. Either solution will tax our resources to the utmost.

It is for this reason that we once more appeal to your long-proven generosity to contribute in any way that you can to our daily work of forming truly Catholic priests. Without you, we cannot continue. Our world needs priests as never before, and SSPP Seminary is the only place where completely Traditional priests are being formed. By sending a donation to the Seminary, you are not only performing a great act of charity that will be specially rewarded by God, you are also helping a world that is sick with apostasy and providing for your future and the future of many others.

All donations are tax-deductible. Those wishing to contribute towards the tuition of a seminarian will be personally thanked by that seminarian. To thank you in a more lasting manner, we pray our daily Rosary for the intentions of the friends and benefactors of the Seminary.

We ask you, too, that you pray for us daily, as we require many graces for the performance of this difficult, but sublime task. May God bless you in the pursuit of your heavenly goal!

SSPP Seminary totally depends upon the donations of benefactors to keep its doors open. The Seminary continues only through the regular support of well wishers and the faithful. Much work needs to be done, and the limiting factor is the availability of funds. Your help is consequently necessary to keep this great work of priestly formation going. There are several ways that benefactors can donate to the Seminary:

Deposit in our Account

No:9351216823900 Standard Chattered Bank Machakos Kenya .Swift Code: SCBLKENXA

Post mail

Rt.Rev.Kasomo Daniel
The Roman Catholic Society of St. Peter and Paul Inc
P.o.Box 2377-90-100
Machakos Kenya

This is the usual way of making a donation. Receipts are not generally sent, but can of course be sent on request.