Society of St. Peter and Paul Seminary

Society of St. Peter and Paul Seminary


PhD& MA Theses in Clinical Psychology

  1. Kasomo D.(2011).Determinants of Psychometric Properties of Employment Contentment.Berlin:Germany.Lambert Academic Publishing.(PhD Dissertation in Clinical Psychology-USA)
  2. Kasomo D.(2011).The Role of Guidance and Counselling in Secondary Schools.Berlin: Germany.Lambert Academic Publishing.(MA Thesis in Clinical Psychology-USA)


PhD & MA Theses in Religious Studies

  1. Kasomo D.(2010).The Traditional Oath in African Culture and Religion.The Nature,Causes and Participation.Berlin:Germany.Lambert Academic Publishing.(PhD Dissertation in Religious Studies-CUEA)
  2. Kasomo D.(2010).The Belief in Mystical Powers in African Traditional Religion:The Meaning,Manifestations,Usefulness and Effects.Berlin:Germany.Lambert Academic Publishing.(MA Thesis in Religious Studies-CUEA)